BacPAC Fairfax
Benefitting All Children in Fairfax County Public Schools 

About BacPac Fairfax

BacPac Fairfax was founded in 2016 as a political action committee to:
  • to lobby for Fairfax County Public Schools
  • to support candidates for State and Local Offices that will support efforts to improve public schools
  • to raise awareness of the challenges facing public education in Fairfax County
  • to raise money and donate to elect candidates that support our vision and mission
  1. Competitive Pay
    *Increasing Teacher and Staff pay to keep up with surrounding localities.
  2. Infrastructure
    *Work to reduce and eliminate the use of trailers for instructional space across the county. *Build additional space to alleviate crowding and reduce class sizes.
  3. Retention of Teachers
    * Work for regular increases & Cost of Living Adjustments * Incentives to retain retired teachers as subs & mentors
  4. Transparency
    *Better notification and inclusion of the public in decision making. *Involve Parents in decisions affecting students and prompt notification of discipline issues.
  5. Equality
    *Treating all students, staff and parents equally, with dignity and respect
  6. State Support
    *Work with State Legislators to increase the State Share of support.

Quality Education For All

The mission of BacPac Fairfax is to raise awareness of issues and ideas that help to improve Fairfax County Public Schools,
and to raise money in support of candidates that advocate for these positions.